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  • Auckland Lawyers due diligence

Due Diligence when Buying a Business

If you are considering buying an existing business, you need to do your due diligence. Doing a due diligence [...]

  • Auction Checks before buying a property

5 essential checks before buying at auction

If you win the auction your agreement is unconditional, that means you can’t change your mind! [...]

  • Property lawyers in Botany Auckland

Guidelines for managing your tust

A Family Trust is a common vehicle for the ownership of property in New Zealand. There are many [...]

  • rules of intestacy lawyers in New Zealand

What happens if you die intestate (without a will)?

Dying intestate Dying intestate is the term used for a person who dies without having a Will in place. [...]

  • Cost of buying a house

Should I put my house in a family trust?

You’ve worked hard to get where you are today. You provide well for your family, have a home, a [...]

Trust FAQ’s

Trusts have been around for centuries and are still a popular vehicle of property ownership and asset protection in [...]

  • Property ownership options

Buying leasehold property in New Zealand

What is leasehold land? Leasehold is a form of property ownership whereby you own the buildings and any other [...]

Essential conditions to include in a Sale and Purchase Agreement

Buying a property is a big investment, often the biggest individuals make in their lifetimes making the Sale and [...]

Don’t forget the Chattels!

An important but often neglected part of a Sale and Purchase Agreement is the chattels list. A chattel is [...]

Mortgagee Sales – Buyers beware!

There may be some bargain properties up for grabs at mortgagee sales but buyers need to beware. Purchasing at [...]

The lawyers role in Private sales and purchases of Property

The number of private sale contracts (properties being sold without a real estate agent) comming through our ofice has [...]

What to look for in a Pre-settlement Inspection

When you are purchasing a property under the standard Sale and Purchase Agreement you have the right to do [...]

Mobile Lawyers – bringing law to your door!

The Conveyancing Shop is pleased to be able to offer mobile legal services in Auckland. […]

Joint Tenants vs Tenants in Common

What will happen to your property when you die? Do you own a property jointly with another person? (be [...]

Sunset clauses – what they are and when to use them

A Sunset Clause is a condition that can be added into an Agreement for Sale and Purchase of Real [...]

The risky business of investing in leasehold land

We regularly warn clients about the risks of purchasing leasehold land, even if it seems affordable at the time [...]

  • Buying a house at auction nz

Tips for buying a property at Auction

The barriers to entering the property market in NZ are high, particularly so in Auckland, where it is becoming [...]

Are you in a de facto relationship?

Did you know that even if you are not living with someone you could still be deemed to be [...]

Step onto the Property Ladder – free Seminar

Join us for a Free First Home Buyer Seminar. […]

  • Business law in NZ

Changed your mind after signing a contract?

A contract is a legally binding document. Generally you cannot simply change your mind once a contract is signed [...]


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