Protect your assets during your lifetime and after your death with The Conveyancing Shop lawyers’ expert advice. Our experienced team can help you establish and administer trusts, prepare relationship property agreements and assist with your estate planning and wills.

Why form a trust?

Forming a trust is a way of protecting assets and accumulating wealth for future generations. A trust is crucial to:

  • Estate planning to provide for, and benefit, future generations;
  • Protection against relationship property and third party claims;
  • Possible tax savings;
  • Retirement planning; and
  • Protection against potential reintroduction of estate duties.

The Conveyancing Shop can help you in setting up your family or trading trust, including gifting programs and trust reviews.


A trust is not a separate entity like a company. It’s a set of obligations placed on the trustees to look after the assets owned by the trust for its beneficiaries. Being a trustee is a big responsibility and not to be taken lightly. Our outline of trustees duties and obligations can help you understand the role, so you can make a fully informed decision.

Read our Guidelines for managing your trust