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Does your business have current terms of trade?

Business law in NZThese are often forgotten until a dispute arises or customers fail to pay for services provided.Having clearly defined terms and conditions per terms of trade are essential for everyone in business. Whether you are a plumber an online trader or a lawyer your customers need to know exactly what products or services you are going to provide, what the cost and payment terms are and what happens if anything goes wrong.

The Conveyancing Shop Lawyers can work with you to develop appropriate business terms of trade. If you are selling items or providing an online service these could be terms and conditions for your website use. For other businesses we discuss with you exactly what service or product you supply and the risks faced by your industry and tailor terms and conditions for your specific needs. Many clients choose to have a contract or “letter of engagement” that customers sign prior to commencement of any work.

Having clearly defined terms of trade significantly reduces the risk of things going wrong. They should also deal with what happens if things do not go according to plan and provide a framework for resolving disputes or collecting bad debts.

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