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Buying and selling property can be stressful, so we make the process as smooth as possible right from the start with set fees for standard transactions:

Fixed Prices for Standard Residential Conveyancing:

Sales – $780* (From 1/10/2016: $880*)
Purchases – $880* (From 1/10/2016: $980*)
Refinances – $680*
*Plus GST and LINZ charges.*Does not include the cost of builders, LIM and valuation reports – if any reports are required, clients must order these directly from the relevant council or building/valuation professional.

What does Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) charge?

As of July 2011 LINZ has substantially increased their registration costs. They now charge$80 for the registration of each instrument including a mortgage registration, transfer and discharge mortgage. For all property transactions we are also required to do a title search as well as a guaranteed search which cost $5 each. Depending on the title of the property there may be encumbrances, leases, covenants etc which also need to be searched and the costs of these are additional.

Non standard transactions

We offer fixed prices for straightforward residential conveyancing matters. If attendances are required which fall outside of the scope of a standard transaction additional charges will apply. Some examples of non standard transactions include if:

The property is leasehold or a unit title (as this required liasing with the bodycorporate / management company / lessors lawyers and arranging for additional documentation)
The property is owned by a company or trust and resolutions are required
There are guarantees are involved
Settlement is delayed for any reason
More than one mortgage is to be registered/removed from the title
The transactions involves kiwisaver depsoit subsidies and contribution withdrawals
There is a caveat or interest (other than a standard mortgage) to be registered/removed from the title
Clients require more than one meeting to sign documentation (ie if a couple wish to come in at different times and we have to explain the documents twice or if changes are needed to documents and clients require an additional appointment)
Issues arise from builders report, LIM or other conditions that require additional investigations and/or negotiations with client, council, other lawyers or third party.
Extra work/time is required for whatever reason.

Buying your first house can be daunting, but don’t let this put you off. The Conveyancing Shop is here to help and support you through the process.

Before you sign a sale and purchase agreement, we offer a free, no-obligation meeting to go over what to expect during the buying process. We’ll cover some of the things to look out for and what conditions to include in your agreement.

If you’re new to the country or looking to purchase from overseas, we can help you navigate the ins and outs of an unfamiliar market. Our experienced lawyers and Legal Executives help clients all over the world with property purchases, sales and refinances in New Zealand. We do require that your documentation be signed and your identity verified (in front of a solicitor if you are in Australia or notary public for all other countries), and the originals be returned to us prior to settlement, saving you a costly and time-consuming trip to NZ. For new clients we also ask that a deposit of half our fee be paid into our trust account at the outset of the transaction.

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With Trade Me and other such channels making it easier than ever, you might be thinking of buying or selling your home privately. Without an agent to negotiate the deal, it is essential to have a lawyer involved early in the process to help you avoid costly mistakes. If you’re considering buying or selling privately the Conveyancing Shop can provide copies of the title, sales reports and statistics on the area and other information to help you make informed decisions. Before you present an offer on your new home, we’ll help you prepare a sale and purchase agreement including advice on the wording and conditions to include in the agreement

As a property investor you expect a lot from your solicitors – fast, efficient service; transparent, affordable prices; and expert legal advice. That’s exactly what you’ll get at The Conveyancing Shop. Our experienced staff uses the latest technology and systems to ensure your matter is handled efficiently and effectively, keeping you informed throughout the process and promptly answering any queries. Many property investors choose to own their investment properties in a company we can assist with setting up and transferring properties and mortgages to an Look Through Company (LTC).