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Property Links:

Some useful tips for Vendors and Purchasers from the Property Section of the New Zealand Law Society.

Buying or Selling Residential properties can have tax implications have a look at IRD’s guidelines and contact your accountant if you have further queries or concerns.

QV offers a range of property reports and valuations which you can order on their website. There are also several free reports available giving you information on recent property sales and price statistics, neighborhood demographics and school zones.

The Department of Building and Housing offer advice and information for landlords and tenants, they also provide tenancy agreements, hold bonds and offer dispute resolution services. Visit their website for more information or call them on 0800 Tenancy.

Commercial Law:

Register a Company, reserve a company Name, Companies, Directors and Shareholders searches.

Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand for information on registering patens, designs and trademarks.

The department of Labor Employment Relations Service provides information and support to employers, employees, unions and workplaces on employment relations matters.


The Disputes Tribunal is a simple and affordable method of resolving a disagreement without involving lawyers. The disputes tribunal deals with claims of up to $15,000, however if all parties agree this can be increased to up to $20,000. The types of matters taken to the disputes tribunal often concern whether or not work was done properly or if charges were fair and claims for damages caused by one party to another’s property. Full details on what types of disputes can and cannot be heard and how to go about making a claim are available on the Ministry of Justice website.

Service Providers:

For an affordable fixed fee Wise Advice will take care of your investment property taxes for you, plus you’ll receive a free organiser to simplify your record-keeping, and you’ll enjoy unlimited support whenever you need it.

Flexipayroll offer an excellent and affordable payroll outsourcing service. We have been using their services for over a year now and they take care of everything so we can concentrate on taking care of our clients.