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One of our core beliefs is that it is important to be involved in and support the local community and to give something back to our society. We do this via monetary donations and corporate sponsorship as well as by giving of our time and expertise to present in free educational seminars and providing work experience opportunities and training to individuals looking to join the workforce.

Co-Op placements / Voluntary Work:

We understand how difficult it can be to enter or return to the workforce in New Zealand. Without recent NZ work experience many employers will not even consider job applicants which makes it extremely difficult to make a start. We offer voluntary work experience placements each yeas for students and new immigrants to allow them to gain local experience and references. Due to the large number of applicants and the amount of time it takes us to train and supervise them we unfortunately cannot give everyone this opportunity but we do try to support as many individuals as possible.

Corporate Sponsorship:

Some of the organizations we have supported this year are:


We regularly present free seminars to the public on various legal topics. For many years we presented at the Auckland wide government funded First Steps seminars but the funding for these was unfortunately cut this year. Most recently we have run Property Education seminars at Auckland Regional Migrants Services to provide new immigrants with an overview of the legal process of investing in property in New Zealand so that they can make fully informed decisions.