Are you in a de facto relationship?

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relationship property agreement, lawyer in aucklandDid you know that even if you are not living with someone you could still be deemed to be in a de facto relationship.

The following factors are just some which can be taken into consideration when the court is deciding whether or not you are in a de facto relationship:

  • Whether you are living together as a couple
  • Any common residence (you don’t necessarily need to be living together)
  • Physical relationship
  • Financial dependence
  • Ownership of property
  • Mutual commitment
  • Care and support of a child (does not need to be a child of the relationship)
  • How friends view the relationship
The crucial thing to take in is that these are all contributing factors and do not necessarily need to be considered together when a decision is being made. Many people are not aware of just how easy it is to be classed as being in a de facto relationship and therefore it is very important to:
a) Be aware of the law
b) Know what options you have
c) Take the proper steps to protect the assets you have worked so hard for.
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